Magazine First Edition

Subject > Literature & Fiction

  • Post Office Charles Bukowski First Edition 1st Hardcover London Magazine
  • Arthur Conan Doyle The Story Of My Life First Edition Strand Magazine
  • Graham's Lady's & Gentleman's Magazine. Vol 19. July-dec 1841. First Year. Rare
  • Stephen King Signed Limited Edition (1990) Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine
  • Moby Dick Or The Whale Herman Melville Harper's Magazine 1851 First Edition
  • 1841 Edgar Allan Poe Mask Of The Red Death Grahams Ladys Gentlemans Magazine
  • 1860 Domestic Magazine Womens Fashion Color Plates Victorian Fine Binding Set
  • Dennis Cooper Ron Padgett Little Caesar #2 1977 Scarce Poetry Magazine
  • Edgar Allan Poe Graham's Lady's And Gentleman's Magazine First Edition
  • Arthur Conan Doyle The Boscombe Valley Mystery In Strand Magazine First Edition
  • Avant-garde Covers Peet Aren Magazine Odamees 1919 Annual Subscription Estonia
  • Arthur Conan Doyle The Adventure Of Silver Blaze 1st Edition In Strand Magazine
  • Complete Set Of All 9 Issues Of Rex Stout's Mystery Magazine Rarely Found