Magazine First Edition

Binding > Hardcover

  • 1752 Universal Magazine Rare Engravings Whale Hunting Camera Obscura Microscope
  • 1750 Universal Magazine Rare Engravings Tobacco Sir Walter Raleigh Colonies Maps
  • Exhibit Of 80 Advertisements In The New Yorker Magazine Classic 1920's Ad Art
  • 1779 Gentleman's Magazine Revolutionary War Siege Of Savannah Benjamin Franklin
  • Fort Pitt / London Magazine Or Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer For 1759 1st Ed
  • Edgar Allan Poe Murders In The Rue Morgue In Graham's Magazine True First Ed
  • 1751 Universal Magazine Rare Engravings Globe Compass Machines Fire Engine &c
  • Edgar Allan Poe Mellonta Tauta In Godey's Magazine First Edition
  • Savoy Oct-nov-dec 1896 Beardsley Symons Yeats Conrad
  • 1761 Magazine American Colonies Savannah Georgia Splendid Bird Engravings Map &c
  • Edgar Allan Poe Graham's Lady's And Gentleman's Magazine First Edition
  • Avant-garde Covers Peet Aren Magazine Odamees 1919 Annual Subscription Estonia
  • Arthur Conan Doyle The Adventure Of Silver Blaze 1st Edition In Strand Magazine
  • 1794 New York Magazine George Washington Benjamin Franklin Constitution Plates
  • 1766 London Magazine Stamp Act Revolutionary War Taxation Without Representation
  • Rare Jazz Age Industrial Power Magazine In Hardbound 15 Vol.'s Over 9000 Pages