Magazine First Edition

Life Magazine November 23 1936 First Edition Very Fine Full Size Original

Life Magazine November 23 1936 First Edition Very Fine Full Size Original
Life Magazine November 23 1936 First Edition Very Fine Full Size Original
Life Magazine November 23 1936 First Edition Very Fine Full Size Original
Life Magazine November 23 1936 First Edition Very Fine Full Size Original
Life Magazine November 23 1936 First Edition Very Fine Full Size Original
Life Magazine November 23 1936 First Edition Very Fine Full Size Original
Life Magazine November 23 1936 First Edition Very Fine Full Size Original
Life Magazine November 23 1936 First Edition Very Fine Full Size Original
Life Magazine November 23 1936 First Edition Very Fine Full Size Original
Life Magazine November 23 1936 First Edition Very Fine Full Size Original
Life Magazine November 23 1936 First Edition Very Fine Full Size Original

Life Magazine November 23 1936 First Edition Very Fine Full Size Original   Life Magazine November 23 1936 First Edition Very Fine Full Size Original
Life Magazine November 23 1936 - First Edition Very Fine Full Size Original. Genuine Full Size Original - No Subscription Label - Excellent Condition.

Excellent very fine condition, no damage or folded corners, cover corners show only the slightest signs of wear - the cover is clean and bold - back cover is white but there is some faint pencil at the top left (check last picture), all the inside pages are brite white and the colors are very strong, no foxing or yellowing and importantly no odor, staples show very little sign of corrosion. Actualite Magazine Expo 67 All French, Montreal February 1967. Advertising Age National Newspaper of Marketing December 7 1964.

Advertising Age National Newspaper of Marketing April 19 1976. American Fabrics 1st Edition 1946. Apparel Arts Magazine 5th Anniversary Edition 1936. Artscanada Magazine Grass Roots Art December 1969. Aspen the Magazine in a Box Volumes 1 to 4 including the McLuhan and Warhol Editions boxes in hinged very good condition, all contents complete and mint including the vinyl records. Assassination of a President New York Times Viking Press November 23 to 28 1963. Avant Garde Magazine Vol 2 Marilyn Monroe Trip March 1968. Avant Garde Magazine Vol 3 May 1968. Avant Garde Magazine Vol 4 September 1968. Avant Garde Magazine Vol 5 November 1968. Avant Garde Magazine Vol 9 November 1969.

Avant Garde Magazine Vol 10 January 1970. Avant Garde Magazine Vol 12 Jorgen Boberg May 1970.

Background for War from the Editors of Time (x2 copies) 1939. Bookviews Magazine Vol 1 No 1 Alistair Cooke September 1977. Bounty The American Satirical Magazine June 1956.

Bravo Magazine Toronto National Theatre Publications - Seater Littler September 1982. Britain against Germany 1939 1945 A Record in Pictures 1945. Calgary Magazine Paul Gresco Ed Premiere Issue September 1978. Canada Month Magazine Forerunner Issue Canada Week Ltd Montreal July 1 1962.

Canada Month Magazine Vol 1 No 1 published Canada Week Ltd Montreal October 6 1961. Canada Russia 74 WHA vs Soviet Nationals Trent Frayne 1974. Canadian Film Digest Vol 1 No 1 A Monthly Commentary on the Motion Pic Scene April 1971. Canadian Homes Special Advance Edition June 1961. Canadian Interiors October Centennial Souvenir 1967. Caricatures Cartoons from 26 Countries, 2nd Salon Cartoons Montreal Museum Fine Arts 1965. Cartoons by Ed McNally Montreal Star late 1960s. CBC Times Eastern Edition Program Guide Dec 20 1969 to Dec 26 1969. CBC Times Eastern Edition Program Guide Dec 27 1969 to Jan 2 1970.

CBS Press Book, Complete Handbook to the American Conventions and Elections 1960. CBS Reports, Storm Over the Supreme Court 1963. Champion Papers Magazine (Hard cover) Imagination XVIII. Chatelaine Magazine Canada Welcomes Her Queen June 1959.

Chatelaine Magazine Souvenir Centennial Special July 1967. Chatelaine Magazine Trudeau September 1968. Chatelaine Magazine Jean Shrimpton December 1968.

Dawn MacDonald Preview Issue 1978. CKFM Print Collection Toronto (complete 12 prints) Roy Hewetson 1968. Concerts a la Place Des Arts Inauguration Program September 21 to October 5 Montreal 1963. Confederation for the Rolland Paper Company printed by RG McLean Ltd Toronto 1967. Courier Magazine England 25th Anniversary publisher Norman Kark November 1962.

Cue Magazine For New York and Suburbs March 28 1970. Cue Weekly Entertainment Guide to New York Special Anniversary Edition April 1975. Cuttings 2 The Pick of Country Life From Punch 1981.

Daily Mirror New York 20th Anniversary Brochure First and Last Editions June 27 1944. Daily News New Yorks Picture Newspaper Final Edition Roosevelt Dead Friday April 13 1945. Der Spiegel First Edition 4 January 1947. Down Beat Magazine Oct 1969.

Down Beat Magazine July 1977. Edmonton Magazine Vol 1 No 1 The Future City Edmonton 1999 April 1979.

Ego Magazine The Mens Fashion Scene in Canada Vol 1 No 1 Spring 1971. Encore The Magazine For Connoisseurs of Life and Letters April 1942. Encounter Magazine Hundredth Number England January 1962. E&P Magazine (Editor and Publisher) 75th Anniversary Edition 1959. Equinox Magazine Preview Issue Summer 1981.

Equinox Magazine Charter Issue January February 1982. Esquire Magazine 20th Anniversary October 1953. Esquire Magazine December Christmas Issue 1959. Esquire Magazine December Christmas Issue 1960. Esquire Magazine December Christmas issue 1961.

Esquire Magazine Introduction to Christmas December 1962. Esquire Super Sports October 1974. Evergreen Magazine Review No 41 Barney Rosset New York June 1966. Evergreen Magazine Kim Philby Tells His Own Story April 1968. Evergreen Magazine Bernadette Devlin Womans Lib July 1971.

Eye Magazine Vol 1 Draft Women Now March 1968. Fact Magazine Vol 1 Issue 1 Ralph Ginzburg January February 1964. Famous Recipes in the Philadelphia Manner 1957.

Fifteen Minutes - March 5 1962 CBS 15 Minutes of an Uneventful Day 1962. Films and Filming 100th Issue How I Made Laurence of Arabia January 1963. Financial Post 75th Anniversary Edition January 16 1982.

Flair Magazine 1st Edition February 1950. Flanders Fields CBC Radio Pamphlet November 1964. Fortune Magazine February 1940 10th Anniversary Edition. Fortune Magazine 20th Anniversary Edition February 1950.

Fortune Magazine Bicentennial Edition April 1975. Front Pages, How 91 Newspapers Recorded JFKs Tragic Death November 1963. Gentry Magazine, California All 22 issues (except volume Ten and volume Eleven) California 1950s. German Federal Republic 20th Anniversary NY Times Supplement 1969. Glitter Magazine The Magazine of People Places and Pleasures January 1975.

Golden Leaves from Canadas Past 1967. Goodlife Magazine The Very Best Of Everything Toronto September 1982. Harpers Magazine Centennial Edition (x2 copies) 1850 to 1950. Henceforth We Shall Rank Among Nations Seagrams Ltd 1966. Holiday Magazine London July 1947. Holiday Magazine New York April 1949. Holiday Magazine South America November 1956.

Holiday Magazine Rome April 1960. Holiday Magazine The South Pacific Vol 1 October 1960.

Holiday Magazine The South Pacific Vol 2 November 1960. Holiday Magazine Vol 36 No 4 Germany October 1964. Holiday Magazine Vol 46 No1 Here Come The Jets special issue July 1969. Holland Herald 50 Years of the Flying Dutchman June 1969. Hugh C McLeans Executive Decision Magazine Prototype Issue July 1959. IGA Foods Company Trip to London England Souvenir Book London Calling 1972.

Illustrated London News Queen Elizabeth 2 Silver Jubilee 1952 1977. Impact Magazine The Canadian Cinema Magazine Premier Issue January 1972. It Was an Unprecedented Seven Days of Television (New York), CBS TV 1963. Influence Magazine, For the Man of Style and Influence Charter Issue pub. Ken Magazine Vol 1 No 1, (political, controversial and short lived) ed.

Arnold Gingrich (x 2 copies) 1938. Key to Toronto Magazine Your Complete Guide to the City 25th Anniversary August 1978. Kingston Whig Standard Newspaper Centennial Edition 1967.

Liberty The Nostalgia Magazine Vol 1 No 1 Summer 1971. Life Magazine First Edition (x 3 copies) 1936. Life Magazine November 30 1936. Life Magazine Special Issue USSR March 29 1943. Life Magazine 10th Anniversary Edition Nov 1946.

Life Magazine Special Issue January 2 1950. Life Magazine Special Issue Christianity December 26 1955. Life (Editors of) Inaugural Spectacle Souvenir Edition JFK 1961. Kennedy Assassination November 29, 1963.

Life Magazine Did Oswald Act Alone November 25 1966. Life Magazine Special Edition Israel`s Swift Victory 1967.

Life Magazine Special Issue The Presidency July 5 1968. Life Magazine Picasso Double Edition Dec 27 1968.

Life Magazine Special issue July 4 1969. Life Magazine Godfather October 1978.

Life Magazine Decade Special December 1979. Life Magazine The Year in Pictures January 1982. Look Magazine March 26 1963.

Look Magazine The Day Kennedy Died February 7 1967. Look Magazine Flight From Dallas February 21 1967. Look Magazine Special Apollo 8 Voyage to the Moon (back cover poor) 1969. Look Magazine The Sixties December 30th 1969. Look Magazine Movies November 3 1970.

Look Magazine Special Issue January 12 1971. MacLeans Magazine (yellowed / staining but no smell) March 15 1952. MacLeans Magazine Souvenir Special (in jacket) June 1 1953. MacLeans Magazine Report on the North November 15 1954. MacLeans Magazine 50th Anniversary October 1955.

MacLeans Magazine Quebec May 9 1959. Macleans Le Magazine Maclean Premier Numero Mars 1961 1st All French Language March 1961. MacLean`s Magazine February 22 1964. MacLeans Magazine Outstanding Canadians of 1966 January 1967. MacLean`s Magazine Boxed Copy April 1969.

MacLeans Magazine John Turner May 1971. MacLeans Magazine October 6 1975. Mankind The Magazine Of Popular History Vol 1 No 1 Los Angeles May June 1967. Markets of Tomorrow Supplement to Adverting Weekly Jubilee Issue England April 26 1963. Mens Wear Magazine (Trade Mag) 60th Anniversary February 1950.

Metropolitan Opera Magazine New York Lauder Greenway Chairman (x2 copies) 1966 to 1967. Middle and Near East cloth backed Contour Coloured Map 1956 Bartholomew.

Midwinter Los Angeles Times 75th Anniversary January 3 1956. Montreal Star One Hundred Years of Growth Supplement 1869 1969. NBC New York Victory Day TV Celebration coverage May 8th 1945. NBC TV Advertising and Promotion Department Magazine Trilogy, H-Hour coverage of The D Day Invasion, X coverage of The Liberation in Europe and V, coverage of The Japanese Surrender 1945 including all 3 magazines, a memos (2) to staff from the Directors of News and Promotions.

NBC TV Poem and Prayer for an Invading Army on D Day 1945. Nevada Highways and Parks Fall 1965. New Japan, Mainichi Newspapers Large Format Invitation to Expo 1970. Newsweek Magazine Election Edition November 8 1948. Newsweek Magazine The 60s December 14 1959.

Newsweek Magazine Special Issue The Space Age October 8 1962. Newsweek Magazine Special Issue Vietnam July 10 1967. Newsweek Magazine Special Issue July 4 1976. Newsweek Magazine Special Issue Pictures of 77 December 26 1977. Newsweek Magazine Special Pictures of the Year December 25 1978.

Newsweek Magazine Special Report Energy Crisis July 16 1979. Newsweek Magazine Now the 80s November 19 1979. Newsweek Magazine Special Anniversary Edition Spring 1983. Newsweek Magazine Election Extra November December 1984.

New York Herald Tribune Section 11 Gateway to New York Worlds Fair April 30 1939. New York Magazine Introducing Savvy Magazine April 4 1977. New York Magazine Special Double Edition Jan 31 1979. New York Magazine 15th Anniversary Edition April 18 1983. New York Times Book Review April 3 1977.

New York Times Section 8 Worlds Fair March 5 1939. New York Times Section 7 Book Review October 6 1946.

New York Times Section 6 part 2 Coliseum City April 29 1956. New York Times Section 6 part 2 Lincoln Center September 23 1962. New York Times Section 11 40 Years of Book Club October 23 1966.

New York Times Section 6 A Week with President Ford April 20 1975. New York Times Magazine April 1964. New York Times Magazine September 1966. New York Times Magazine Special Supplement The Moon Sunday August 3 1969. New York Times Newspaper Men Walk On Moon Monday July 21 1969. New York Worlds Fair Official Guide Book 2nd Edition 1939. Occupation of Enemy Territory Italy Handbook War and Navy Department Washington DC 1943. Olympia Magazine Art, Poetry and Prose at Their Finest Vol 4 Paris 1962. Paper on Parade Coronation Issue 31 Howard Smith Paper Mills Ltd 1953.

Parallel Magazine Montreal First Issue March April editor Peter Desbarats 1966. Parallel Magazine Montreal July August editor Peter Desbarats 1966. Passport A Canadian Magazine of World Travel Vol 1 No 1 Montreal October 1962. People Magazine Special Double Issue December 30 January 6 1975.

People Magazine Special Double Issue Dec 26 to Jan 2 1978. Philharmonic Hall Magazine, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts 1966 to 1967. Photo History 1 First Edition War in Spain 1937. Picture The Photographic Digest Magazine Vol 1 No 1 Feb 1938.

Picture The Photographic Digest Magazine Vol 1 No 2 March 1938. Picture Post Magazine Issue 1 October 1938.

Pocket Guide to Camp Reynolds, Welcome Soldier 1940s. Popular Mechanics Golden Anniversary Edition January 1952.

Press Package (18 pages) The Visit of President Eisenhower to Ottawa November 1953. Print Americas Graphic Design Magazine July August 1969. Print Americas Graphic Design Magazine July August 1970.

Publishers Weekly Centennial Issue April 10 1972. Punch Magazine England Coronation Number 1953. Punch Magazine England 120th Birthday July 19 1961.

Punch Magazine England 125th Birthday July 13 1966. Punch Magazine England Nostalgia Edition December 3 1969. Queen Magazine Royal College Special 21 June 1967. Queen Magazine England Is Twiggy Cover Christmas Issue 1967. Ramparts Magazine The South at War Edward M Keating Editor June 1965. Realites Magazine editor Garith Windsor New York November 1967. Royal York Magazine Canadas Newest Vol 1 No1 Harold Town Article March 1959. Runners, Behind the Fashion Scene Jennifer Stowell Fashion Illustrator 1985. Russia, A Mirror For, in English and Italian PIERO PICCIONI 1974. Saturday Evening Post, Post Magazine JFK (both covers poor) December 14 1963. Saturday Evening Post Magazine JFK (excellent both covers) December 14 1963. Saturday Evening Post Magazine 1st Issue of Revived Post Norman Rockwell Summer 1971. Saturday Evening Post Post Magazine December 31 1966. Saturday Evening Post Post Magazine December 30 1967.

Saturday Evening Post (x 2 copies) Feb 8 1969. Saturday Night Magazine Reborn Issue Vol 90 No 1 May 1975.

Saturday Night Magazine Special Anniversary Issue December 1977. Saturday Night Magazine Richler on Trudeau Sept 23 2000. Saturday Review of Literature Between Two Wars August 5 1944. Saturday Review of Literature 25th Anniversary Edition August 6 1949.

Saturday Review Magazine Hemingways A World View July 29 1961. Saturday Review Magazine 40th Anniversary Issue August 29 1964. Saturday Review Magazine 8 March 1969. Saturday Review Magazine World Edition John Dos Passos September 11 1973. Saturday Review Magazine August 10 1974.

Scanlan's Monthly Magazine Vol 1 No1 (only ran 8 issues) March 1970. Shakespeare on Time by Time Weekly (to the trade to promote advertising in Time Magazine) 1960. 50 titles in decent to very good condition published between 1910 and 1920. Show Magazine The Magazine of the Arts Issue No1 October 1961. Show Magazine The Magazine of the Arts Incorporating USA1 October 1962. Show The Magazine of the Arts February 1964. Show The Magazine of Films and the Arts February 1970. Show The Magazine of Films and the Arts March 1970. Show Business Illustrated First Edition pub. Hugh Hefner Sept 5 1961.

Show Business Illustrated January 2 1962. Smithsonian Magazine Vol 1 No 1 April 1970. Soviet War Documents, USSR Embassy Washington DC, Special Supplement December 1943. Sponsor Magazine 40 year Album of Pioneer Radio Stations 1962. Sports Illustrated Magazine First Issue (x2 copies in original mailer sleeve - Mint) August 16 1954.

Sports Illustrated Magazine Second Issue August 23 1954. Sports Illustrated Magazine 1st Anniversary Edition (near mint) August 15 1955. Sports Illustrated Magazine Special Issue - The Bold American December 24 1962. Sports Illustrated 25th Anniversary Lg Format1250 Sports Illustrated Covers 1979.

Stage Magazine USA August 1936. Stage Magazine USA August 1937. Stage Magazine USA August 1938.

Stalins Victory Address of May 9 1945, Bulletin of USSR Embassy Washington DC June 1945. Star Weekly Complete Novels, approximately 50 complete novels from Star Weekly Magazines 1950s. Status Magazine Vol 1 No 1 October 1965. Stimulus The Magazine of the Institute of Canadian Advertising May June 1966. Stimulus Magazine 47th Anniversary Jan Feb 1975. Stratford Festival Magazine The 13th Season June 14 to October 2 1965. Stratford Festival Magazine The Season 1969. Style Book Hart Schaffner Marx Colour 5 3/8x7 (loose pages) Spring Summer 1921.

Success Magazine For the Minority of Men Who Will Make It to the Top Vol 1 No 1 May 1972. Sunday Sun Toronto Television Guide September 16 to 22 1973. The Alchemist The Repertory Theater of Lincoln Center - Vivian Beaumont Theater 1966. The Ambassador Magazine An Extraordinary Edition Coronation Special (Ex rare) 1953. The Atlantic Advocate Advertisers Checking Copy Charlottetown Centennial Feb 1964.

The Atlantic 100th anniversary edition 1957. The Atlantic 101st anniversary edition 1958. The Bacchus Journal International Wine and Spirit Quarterly Preview Issue Fall 1966. The Bacchus Journal International Wine and Spirit Quarterly Vol 1 No 1 Holiday 1966. The Battle of Britain August to October pub.

Queens Canadian Fund Canada 1942. The Boy Who Laughed at Santa Claus Ogden Nash John De Pol - Cooper and Beatty Ltd 1957. The Byliner Magazine Toronto Press Club 35th Anniversary April 1981. The Canadian A Magazine of Business and National Affairs Preview Issue 1960. The Canadian Forum Magazine Journal of Opinion and the Arts April May 1970. The Canadian Toronto Daily Star November 1965. The City Toronto Star Sunday Magazine Final Edition March 23 1980. The Illustrated London News 125th Anniversary Issue May 13 1967.

The Lamp Magazine November 1949. The Lamp Magazine 75th Anniversary of the Jersey Standard 1957. The Magazine of the Year 47 Vol 1 No 1 March 1947.

The Nation Magazine 100th Anniversary Edition MacMillan Publishing Sept 20 1965. The New Republic Magazine 40th Anniversary Hemingway published McCall Corp November 22 1954. The New Republic Magazine 50th Anniversary published by McCall Corp November 7 1964. The New York Woman weekly September 9 1936. The New York Woman Weekly Vol 1 No 1 Arthur Indursky Feminist Anselm Dellolio March 9 1972.

The New Yorker Magazines Hersey`s 30K word dedicated Hiroshima Issue (x2 copies) Aug 31 1946. The New Yorker Magazine Daniel Lang Casualties of War October 18 1969. The New Yorker Magazine August 5 1992. The New Yorker Magazine Yearend Double Issue December 28 1992 January 4 1993. The Peninsula Group Magazine Special Commemorative Edition 1928-88 Winter 1988. The Reporter Magazine Farewell to Our Readers Hubert Humphrey June 13 1968. The Story of a Revolution, Cuba, James Linen pub. 26 Julio Arm Band March 1959. Theatre Arts Magazine July 1955. This Was Television 1956 1957 TV Guide 1958. Time Magazine Specimen Issue (x2 copies) December 30 1922. Time Magazine Vol 1 No 1 (x2 copies) March 3 1923. Time The Twenty Years That Went Before Chronicle in Miniature 1946. Times Man of the Year 1950 to 1927.

Time Magazine Pony Edition April 9 1945. Time Magazine Churchill Man of the Half Century January 2 1950.

Time Magazine International Promo to Advertisers, The Complete Guide to the US Elections 1960. Time Magazine Election Extra November 16 1960.

Time Magazine President Johnston November 29 1963. Time Magazine Election Extra November 4 1964.

Time Magazine Special Supplement To The Moon July 18 1969. Time 50 50 Years of Covers, Large Format 1973.

Time Magazine Canada March 1 1976. Time Magazine Special Issue September 27 1976. Time Magazine Sadat Man of the Year January 2 1978.

Time 60 60 Years of Covers, Large Format 1983. Time Magazine Special The New USSR April 10 1989. Time Magazine Jacqueline Onassis May 30 1994. Times Talk The Men and Women Who Get It Out 100th Anniversary August September 1951.

Toronto Daily Star The Canadian Magazine City Hall Souvenir Issue November 1965. Toronto Daily Star The Canadian Magazine June 26 1971. Toronto Life Magazine November 1966. Toronto Life Homes Living with Art Fall Winter 1982.

Toronto Star Montreal 76 Guide to Olympics July 17 1976. Toronto The Exciting City pub. Metro Toronto Industrial Board late 60s. Toronto Symphony News Volume 9 pamphlet Nov 1969.

Town and Country Magazine First Christmas Annual 1939. Town and Country Magazine Centennial Edition 1946.

Travel and Leisure Magazine February and March 1971. Tricolore News of France at War Vol 4 No 6 January 1945. Tricolore News of France at War Vol 4 No 7 February 1945. Tricolore News of France at War Vol 4 No 8 March April 1945.

True Magazine December 1935 24 Karat Edition. True Magazine February 1961 25th Anniversary Edition. United Nations World Magazine February 1947. United States News Proceedings of Democratic National Convention Part 2 July 1944.

USA 1 Monthly News and History (ran 5 issues only, merged with Show Magazine) April 1962. USA 1 Monthly News and History May 1962. USA 1 Monthly News and History June 1962. USA 1 Monthly News and History July 1962.

USA 1 Monthly News and History August 1962. Us Magazine Paul Newman Vol 1 No 1 May 3 1977. US Magazine Special Photo Issue Dec 27 1977. Vancouver Calendar Magazine (defunct) 1st Issue May 7 to June 3 1977. Vancouver Life Western Homes and Living September 1968.

Vanity Fair Magazine March 1983. Victory: A Portfolio of Reproductions of the Documents of Surrender 1945.

VIP The Playboy Club Magazine Vol 1 No 1 February 1961. Vogue Magazine February 1 1938. Vogue Magazine 50th Anniversary November 1943. War in Headlines from the Detroit News 1939 1945.

Welcome to War Brides, Pamphlet Department National Defense Canada 1944. We Will Not Forget - Ilya Ehrenburg, Embassy USSR Special Supplement Washington DC June 1944. WestWorld Magazine Travel Leisure Living 1st Issue Vancouver ed. Bill Mayrs January February 1975. Winnipeg Centennial Souvenir Book 1972. Winston Churchill by Sir Ernest Barker published Ministry Information London January 1945.

World The Compact National Newspaper Vol 1 No 1 October 18 1961. World Magazine Cousins merged with Saturday Review (x2 copies) 1st Issue 7/4/1972.

World Report Magazine Weekly Newsmagazine of World Affairs May 23 1946. 2 Worlds Official Publication of British Canadian Trade Association Vol 1 December 1972. The item "Life Magazine November 23 1936 First Edition Very Fine Full Size Original" is in sale since Wednesday, October 23, 2019. This item is in the category "Books\Magazines".

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  1. Issue Type: Weekly
  2. Modified Item: No
  3. Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  4. Subscription: No
  5. Publication Name: Life
  6. Subject: News, General Interest
  7. Language: English
  8. Month: November
  9. Year Published: 1936
  10. Special Attributes: 1st Edition

Life Magazine November 23 1936 First Edition Very Fine Full Size Original   Life Magazine November 23 1936 First Edition Very Fine Full Size Original